The Cut Off List


 A simple story from India that somehow will behold you. I bet that somewhere and somehow you will find yourself in this story. Read more about Pranshu Ojha and his journey to one of the most prestigious engineering institute of the country.
Discover yourself because it’s never too late.

“64. The gas leaked from a storage tank of the Union Carbide Plant in Bhopal gas tragedy was:
(1). Ammonia
(2). Phosgene
(3). Methylisocyanate
(4). Methylamine”
It reminded me of an uncle who had his posting in Bhopal. I bet he would also had skipped this question but I had already skipped a lot and now every skip meant thousand rank farther in the rank list.
I couldn’t believe that I had got stuck in this question. I had watched an hour long episode on National Geographic Channel related to this disaster. I was capable of speaking 30 minutes over this issue but I didn’t know one simple fact. It was really heart breaking. I tried to go with the most complicated name in the name of most complicated god. I had remembered god for the most time and I thought most of the students would be doing the same. I moved on.
Order of stability, ionization potential, acidity, stability, paramagnetism. The whole section seemed to be set according to my preparation for the subject. And now I had bled enough on the battle ground. I was sure that in the middle of the next 90 minutes I was going to die. My wits, intelligence and erudition were my bows and arrows. And I was stripped of my armor that were going to make me through this slaughter house. My mind took a reboot. All those classes that I had bunked. All those nights in which instead of reading I had spent my time watching those pirated latest releases. All those moments began to take me back and whole flash back was in front of my eyes. I began to hate my friends. I was bleeding faster and I was looking someone to blame upon for the wound. My father was outside the gate and I knew that he would be still waiting there for me.
“60 minutes left”
I decided to move to the middle section and that was mathematics. Mathematics was one of the subjects that I didn’t like to study in my spare times and the inevitable reason for the same was that I hated it. I didn’t expect much from this section.
I skipped the 31st question. It was related to distinct real roots. It gave mine timidity a tad bit boost to overcome my confidence. I began to think of my friend Rajnish who had made a proposition to me, about a month back about staying together in Kota. I began to laugh on myself about how I had silently mocked Rajnish in my heart.”